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WVU Artists Aligned

Let's Go... Make the Change!

About Us

WVU Artists Aligned (WAA) is a collective of former and current students of the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts.

While our society was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a second, but just as serious pandemic also surfaced. Our nation was forced to face the harsh reality that we were long overdue for change and growth when it came to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The theater industry, in particular, needed to confront the normalized inequities that had been (and continue to be) ingrained in the system for too long. So, in collective action with universities and alumni groups from across the nation, WAA was established to call out racial injustice in higher education and to outline positive and actionable steps for more diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of schooling.

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Our Mission

To raise awareness of the DEI work already in progress all around the country and to build a strong, unified community of alumni that strives to make every mountaineer feel included and supported.

Alumni Spotlight

A Diverse Cast of Alumni!

WAA hopes to Spotlight WVU graduates from across the country and the world; highlighting all accomplishments by celebrating the ins and outs of life's journey post graduation.

The Open Letter


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