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Katie Fogarty

Katie Fogarty

What is your full name?

Katie Fogarty

Would you like to share your pronouns? If so, what are they?


What year did you graduate?


What is your degree?

B.A. Theatre

Where are you originally from?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

What brought you to WVU?

I transferred my junior year to WVU. I went for a campus tour and fell in love.

Where did you live now?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

What are you doing these days for work? Feel free to share anything about your career that you'd love other Mountaineers to know about you. Is there a particular project that you're proud of? Any career successes that you've achieved after leaving WVU?

I’m currently working full time to build a nonprofit I’ve started called, All In Theatre. All In Theatre is a fully inclusive youth theatre that believes theatre is for everyone regardless of their disability, race, gender identity, background, or ethnicity. Our first inclusive show, High School Musical, was held this spring and I couldn't have been more proud of the young people who were a part of it and the community's support. This summer we doubled our numbers (!!) for our week long summer camp which culminated in a showcase performance.

We are currently in the midst of fall classes and preparing for our upcoming production, "The Little Mermaid Jr".

Katie Fogarty's current passion The Little Mermaind Jr

After graduating from WVU I lived in NYC for five years where I acted in four national tours and had other various performance gigs. I then moved to China for a contract to play Jane in a touring production of Tarzan and ended up living there for three and a half years. During my time in China, I worked for a touring theatre company, an English children’s television network, as a voiceover artist (which I am still able to do part time remotely), and started the first ever expat founded theatre in Shenzhen, China.

After moving back to the United States due to Covid, I started working as a program director for a youth theatre company in Westchester, NY. It was there that I realized the need for inclusive theatrical programming and I came up with the concept for All In Theatre. I then moved back to my hometown of Harrisburg, PA to make that dream a reality.

Katie Fogarty's current passion

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working? How do you like to spend your days?

I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends. I love having engaging conversations over a glass of wine and some delicious food.

Please feel free to share any life updates with our alumni network.

I am currently living in Annville, Pennsylvania with my partner Josh and his daughter Ziva. We have two dogs - Alfred and Zoey. I traveled a lot when I was living in China and I absolutely love it. I hope to be able to travel more again when I have more time.

Katie Fogarty Life Update

What is one thing that's bringing you joy so far in 2023?

My students and my volunteer staff members at All In Theatre.

Katie Fogarty What brings her joy

What is one of your favorite memories about your time at WVU?

One of my favorite WVU memories was being a part of a student inspired production of "Dog Sees God" the summer between my junior and senior year. It was so much fun to do a low pressure performance with some fellow classmates and have Lee Blair direct! One time a fellow cast member and I decided to go to Pittsburgh for bacon night before a rehearsal. We pushed it and got stuck in traffic and were VERY late to rehearsal! Needless to say the other cast members were not very pleased with us. Especially since we didn't bring them any bacon lol.

Katie Fogarty's Favorite WVU Memory

Where can people find you?


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